Accelerate the strengths of your team to achieve sustained success. 

The reality is: business is a human enterprise. Your current business strategy is driven by people. Your next business innovation will be driven by people. Achieving success is hard enough, sustaining it is even more difficult. Your team, your organization needs a way to balance "what's now?" with "what's next?"

Finding that balance requires employees who are not just engaged and working hard, but also motivated and nourished by their hard work. In other words, good business outcomes flow from a team culture where purpose and passion matters.


  • Understand the benefits of a strengths-based approach to work.
  • Learn how to spot individual and team strengths with specificity.
  • Leverage strengths to stay in the "power zone" -- a place where motivation, ability, and results are highly aligned.
  • Turn "real life" challenges into opportunities by using strengths to shape the work to be more interesting, less draining.
  • Develop regular practices that build upon strengths to create higher productivity and creativity.


Before your team arrives at the workshop, we provide each team member with access to an individual and team strengths assessment. Based on the most cutting-edge research in positive psychology, the results of these assessments will guide our work together over the two days.

We begin with an orientation to the science of strengths and why it matters in the workplace. After receiving the results of their individual assessment, we focus on helping participants unpack what they uniquely bring to the team, the impact that it has, and how to use it to get results with greater ease. On the second day, we take a deep dive into the team's culture by revealing the results of the team assessment. Team members participate in exercises that help them map their individual strengths to the team culture, allowing everyone to gain a greater understanding of their contribution to the whole. By the end of the workshop, every individual and the team as a whole will walk away with specific, actionable practices to implement in their day-to-day work. 


We provide the team with a coaching guide that team members will use to create weekly accountability check-ins with a partner and as a team. Over the course of six weeks, the team will use these accountability check-ins as opportunities to strengthen their ability to operate from a strengths-based approach and challenge one another to broaden their use of strengths in more and more aspects of their work and life. 


Teams gain new perspectives on themselves, their team members, and the team on what it takes to operate at their highest level. They leave with the tools (and a shot of energy) to accelerate their growth and results in a way that is not only sustained, but sustainable.