I work with leaders in companies, government, communities, and non-profits who are hungry to generate collective action on their most pressing issues. They recognize that to create the value and impact that they want to create, they need a diverse coalition of partners who are ready to challenge the status quo together. They recognize that to gain traction on organizational and/or societal change they need other leaders who are willing to share ownership and responsibility for action. And, they are looking for a skilled guide that can help them collaborate with others on problems that are characterized by complexity.

I customize each facilitation engagement to meet the needs of the client. At the core, in every single one of my engagements, there are three principles that I put to use regularly:





An individual, no matter how expert or how experienced, can never match the genius of collective intelligence. I work with my clients to design structured spaces for dialogue that allow participants to engage with new ways of acting, relating, and being. What results is not just the harvest of all voices and perspectives, but fresh thinking that leads to wiser action.


People are more likely to invest their time money, and resources in efforts where they feel both deeply engaged and aligned. I draw on creative and generative facilitation methods that invite participants' whole selves - their head, heart, and hands - into creating solutions that they want to be part of. High levels of interaction enables breakthrough results. 


Change is a process, not a destination. By helping my clients get clear on the results that they want to create, we design facilitation engagements that match the scale of their challenges. A single day event can spark new insights and relationships, while longer-term processes can enable new initiatives and, ultimately, large-scale systemic transformation.


Proven ways to learn and collaborate.

I bring 15 years of experience in rigorous facilitation methodologies that helps groups work better together. I listen closely to bring the right tools in at the right time to move the change process forward. I've studied with leading researchers in systems change at MIT and adult learning at Harvard. I've spent years testing which tools deliver the most powerful results.

When clients hire me, it's not because they are looking for traditional ways of working that are based on rational planning. They hire me for my ability to design and facilitate engagements that challenge their group to stay in the creative tension of chaos and order -- with just enough chaos to make the creation of newness possible and just enough order to bring the ideas into wise action. They expect to be challenged to raise their attention, awareness, and consciousness about the issues that they are wrestling with. 

My facilitation approach is different from other consultants, but it delivers. Clients say they appreciate what I do because it creates the opportunity for innovation to take place and where sustainable change can be discovered.

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