Strategy powered by culture, thoughtfully designed at the top.

It's not enough to have a solid business strategy. To create the company that you would want to work for, you must create opportunities for your people to grow. Every day, consciously or not, everyone in your organization is actively creating an environment that either moves you closer to the company that you want to be or further away. Although senior leadership cannot create culture alone, your team has a pivotal role to play in embodying "what's really valued around here" and guiding your company to a place where culture truly does power strategy.


  • Create a space for reflection, honest dialogue, and intentional action.
  • Navigate back to the the core beliefs, values, and purpose of their work in the world.
  • Imagine and identify the culture that delivers on these ideals and the business strategy.
  • Understand the gaps between the current culture and desired culture.
  • Create an alignment plan for the cultural change process.
  • Get the coaching and support that they need to lead the implementation of conscious culture.


The workshop begins before your team ever arrives on-site. We conduct a cultural assessment that allows us to unearth the mindsets, behaviors, assumptions, and interactions that are the drivers of your culture. We get to know your people. We get to know your business strategy. By the time your team gathers for the first day of the Leadership Deep Dive, we have a pretty clear picture of where your opportunities for alignment lie. Over the course of the three days, our work together is to help your team assimilate the assessment results, facilitate deeper understanding and communication about how your culture is powering (or not) your business strategy, and create an actionable plan that brings the two into alignment. The retreat is designed to be spacious enough to create ease for both body and mind, balanced by "deep work" that will give you and your team fresh insights and action.


Everyone leaves the workshop with immediate steps that s/he will take to embody the desired culture. Some of these steps will be taken as a team, while others might be individual in nature. Your team now shares understanding and common language to talk about culture and strategy. This becomes a regular practice with one another and with other people within the organization. The team informally shares the results of the workshop while also implementing the alignment plan. Finally, your team will receive two 90-minute group coaching calls scheduled 1 month and 3 months after the retreat to keep the work alive and moving forward. 


The senior leadership team discovers renewed enthusiasm for what brought them to their work in the first place. The team develops a shared commitment to bring that same sense of purpose to everyone in their organization and the seeds of cultural change process that can make that commitment real.