You recognize that your toughest challenges can't be addressed by a single person, a single team, or sometimes even a single organization. To get at the heart of your most important issues requires you to engage many voices and many perspectives in an open dialogue. And that dialogue will ultimately lead to shared commitments that show up as more timemore people, and even more money directed towards your cause.


I'll help you create the environment for these collaborative conversations to take place. You’ll build the kind of trust with your team that allows for new ideas, insight, and innovation to emerge. 
Whether you are just initiating a conversation with a few key partners, ready to host a broader meeting, or planning a longer-term initiative, I'll work with you to create a custom road map towards sustainable success.



I work with clients from all sectors who are ready to gain traction on strategic issues in partnership with others. Often these issues seem “so big” that they are unsure where to begin—and yet, they know they must begin. I guide my clients through the overwhelm and confusion, helping them to create highly engaged, collaborative processes that deliver concrete results.

People reach out to me when they want to

Deeply engage employees, communities or partners

Create a living strategic plan and the commitment to carry it out

Discover common ground for the future

Cultivate more effective leadership teams or boards

Plan for a change that impacts critical stakeholders

Tackle tough issues that include public, private, and non-profit sectors

I cultivate opportunities for your people to tap into
their highest self and deepest wisdom.

I utilize well-researched approaches to group interactions that accelerate collaboration and support the creative thinking needed to face your current challenges. From the moment we begin working together, I start creating a strong container for your people to work within. No detail is unimportant – from the email messages we craft to orient people to the collective work, to the way the physical space is set-up, to the psychological landscape of the meeting’s content.
Sometimes this approach fosters new and bold thinking to problems that previously felt mired in confusion. Sometimes it gives adversaries a way to skillfully, truthfully engage with one another.

What results are you looking for?


“Laura is one of the most engaging and dynamic facilitators I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  She brought together a very diverse range of stakeholders to reach consensus on how to move forward."

- Ernest Cook, The Trust for Public Land, Senior Vice President, Conservation Director


Proven methods that help groups work better together


My process for working with clients follows three basic steps that are then customized to meet the needs of the project. These steps have formed the basis of work with clients on single day events, projects that unfolded over the course of several months, and partnerships that were built over the course of several years. No matter what your timeframe, my methods always spark new insights, cultivate relationships, and lay the groundwork for systemic transformation.


Our very first step together is to clarify the purpose and need for the engagement. We’ll uncover the core questions and key assumptions that you have about your strategic issue. This helps us to identify who should be involved in the process and the best way to engage with them. I’ll work with you to craft an invitation that garners excitement and encourages participation.

Next, I draft the blueprint for your engagement with input from you and your team. This includes identification of pre-work that will support the meeting objectives, the design of the agenda, selection of the best collaboration tools to engage participants before and during the meeting, and consultation on creating a meeting space that is suitably set-up for people to do their best work.

When working with complex systems and difficult challenges we cannot know all the ways the work will unfold. My role as a facilitator is to help you achieve your meeting objectives while navigating the natural dynamics that arise when people work together.


My facilitation style has been described as “engaging” and “intellectually stimulating.” I balance the space for dialogue with the need for reflection that allows for people, processes, and systems to align around a shared vision. After each engagement, I provide a follow-up meeting report that includes the core conversation, key decisions, and next steps for the group.


I am one of the country’s leading providers of conservation-centered leadership development solutions—with experience that spans several decades, countries, and organizations.

I can help you identify hands-on, skill-based learning that will ignite your team or organizational performance.

I offer customized solutions, off-the-shelf training, and speaking engagements in the following areas:

  • Facilitative Leadership for Change
  • Emotional Intelligence in a Complex and Uncertain World
  • Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization
  • Creating a Deliberately Developmental Organization
  • Resolving Conflict Through Dialogue
Laura Calandrella is an executive coach and facilitator who uses the skills she learned as a conservation practitioner to help people work together on critical environmental challenges

Laura Calandrella