Lead to inspire, build commitment, and get results.

Today’s leader is expected to solve complicated issues that span boundaries and borders, societies and sectors.

I offer two programs that help you develop your collaborative leadership capacity – and equip you with a deep understanding of your powerful impact as a leader.

These programs take you straight to the center of your leadership DNA. Through a 360-degree assessment you’ll be able to see you or your team’s leadership clearly, what’s working and what’s not. We work together to unpack why it’s not working – which is often a revelation and a relief because it will help you to synthesize key areas to focus on.


Leadership Jumpstart and Culture Jumpstart will unlock the door to being a more authentic and effective leader.


They are the foundation to create greater meaning and fulfillment in your work, while fueling the creative energy necessary to make breakthroughs on the complex challenges of our time.

By the end of our time together, we’ll have created a compelling vision for your growth as a collaborative leader -- one that feels deeply aligned with what you want to accomplish. You’ll leave with a leadership development plan that you will feel excited to work towards because it provides the roadmap to your vision.


“I have been to multiple leadership classes and exercises over the course of my 18-year career in wildland firefighting. This one is the best so far and came at just the right time. Keep it up.”

- Shane Ralston, US Forest Service, Smokejumper


360-degree individual assessment
+ 3 months of supported coaching


Senior-level leaders who want to achieve bigger goals with increased cohesion.

Mid-level leaders who are ready to improve how they inspire, motivate, and guide.

Newly-promoted leaders who want to get their footing fast.

Any leader who is in or preparing for transition and wants to take the next step with clarity of vision.

Team members who need to understand the importance of their contribution to the success of your organization's meaningful mission.


An initial 90-minute consultation during which we create a common understanding of your leadership pathway—past, present and future.

The administration and delivery of The Leadership Circle Profile ™ 360-degree evaluation.

A training guide that will help you to interpret the results of your evaluation coupled with a 60-minute coaching debrief.

4 x 60-minute coaching sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart focused on achieving your primary goal.


360-degree team assessment
+ 1-day workshop


Senior-level leadership teams who want to create a thriving and high-performing workplace.

Teams that are ready to catalyze growth in order to work smarter, not harder.

Newly-formed and/or newly-led teams that want to build cohesion.

Teams that wants an honest diagnosis of their cultural health to pinpoint powerful alignment areas.

Teams that want to improve organizational culture with strategic professional growth opportunities that empower individual and collective excellence.


A one-day workshop where we’ll review your results, craft a vision for your organizational culture, and identify the leadership “gaps” in between where you are and where you want to be.

The administration and delivery of Leadership Culture Survey ™ 360-degree evaluation.

A collective leadership development plan that gives each team member a specific “next step” to elevate the leadership vision.

A customized culture report that includes: workshop results, accountability recommendations, and exciting action steps for sustained momentum and continued growth.

Continued support for leadership development—through coaching, training, and consulting—
is available to clients that have completed the Leadership Jumpstart and/or the Culture Jumpstart. These programs can also be combined to enrich learning and accelerate growth within a team or organization.

Are you ready to elevate your leadership?