People all over the world want to work together in more collaborative ways to change things for the better – within their organizations, their communities, and beyond. Whether you’re a facilitator or facilitative leader, knowing how to design and lead critical conversations is essential to create that change.


You can become a confident and adept facilitator, building a reputation as someone who people are excited to work with.

I offer public workshops, mentoring sessions, and on-site training to help you learn and practice the skills of facilitating collaborative efforts. I am a certified facilitator and expert practitioner. The tools I teach have been refined over nearly 20 years of helping groups find common ground on sticky conservation issues.

Essential Facilitation for Collaboration

3-day intensive training


Learn the essential strategies and skills for facilitating strategic thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and building agreement.


This class teaches you how to design engagements that lead participants through meaningful dialogue that achieves results.



A strong foundation of both theory and practice that you can put to use immediately. This workshop is designed for facilitators who are working with groups in the social and environmental sectors, offering case studies representative of the issues you will likely face.


$2995 | $500 discount for non-profit, government, and academic institutions/


  • Create a compelling invitation that initiates the conversation long before the meeting begins
  • Design results-focused agendas that advance the strategic work of your group
  • Use facilitation and collaboration tools to make decisions more easily
  • Lower the resistance of strong personalities and elevate the confidence of quiet ones – so that diverse points of view and communication styles are welcomed and valued
  • Ask powerful questions at the right moment and understand what to listen for in the response that can deepen the collective wisdom of the group
  • Heighten your ability to resolve conflict and create buy-in—skills that expand your capacity to connect with others in all arenas in life


In-house trainings:
I can bring “Essential Facilitation for Collaboration” to you. I work on-site with organizations who have 5 or more employees that have committed to the training.



There is no more disorienting feeling than waking up in the middle of the night before a facilitation session and wondering to yourself, “Is this going to work?”

I’ve been there. But you don’t have to be.

Sometimes the guidance of a skilled practitioner is all you need to give you confidence – in yourself, in your agenda, and in the participants in the room.

I offer mentoring and strategy sessions to support your practice and development.

One-on-one, personalized sessions for facilitators who use collaborative and participatory techniques to achieve strategic objectives. 

  • Facilitators within an organization who are taking on more and more complex issues.
  • Consultants and coaches that are expanding their practice to include facilitation or who are already experience as facilitators but new to work with conservation leaders.
  • Academics, including students, who see the need to grow their facilitative skills in order to advance the work that they are doing.

We'll work together and design of one of your upcoming projects, creating an experience that furthers your growth. I'll provide you with thought partnership and coaching to advance your capabilities.

I believe the world needs more talented people with the skills to bring about positive, sustainable change through collaborative dialogue. Let’s work together to make you one of them.

Single Session (90 minutes each) |   $500

Series of Five Sessions (60 minutes each) | $1500

Do you want to discuss facilitation mentoring and strategy?