I took this picture just hours before my first marathon. #timetofly

I took this picture just hours before my first marathon. #timetofly

Hello. I'm Laura Calandrella.

If I had just one word to sum up what this site is about, it's this:


I believe that we all come to a point in our life when what we need most is a complete reset. It is at this point that we have two choices: keep walking down the same path or learn to travel in a new direction. When I came to this point in my own life, I realized it was time to fly.

But having that realization and actually doing something about it are two entirely different things. I wasn't sure I had enough guts to go after what I really wanted in my life, so I started training for my first marathon instead.

It's true what they say, train for a marathon and it will change your life. My short version of that story is that the marathon brought me face-to-face with every doubt, every fear, every disbelief I had within me. It forced me to stand up and say, "Anything is possible."

Two weeks after I finished my marathon, I quit my job. 

This site is the story of what happens afterwards. This is the story of what happens when we say, "YES!" to our life and how life responds when we make such a bold proclamation. Neither you or I know the end to this story, but I suppose that's why we are both here. 

2015 is my year to find the answer. This is my year to reset and focus on the learning process. This is the year where I take time off to fly in the direction of long-held dreams: to finish an Ironman 70.3, to travel around the world with my love, to build the foundation for a business that is grounded in what I do best, and to get ready to start a family. These are the chapters in my story and what I will be chronicling here. 

My commitment is to share this journey with you, openly and honestly, in the hopes that it motivates and supports you to do something unexpected in your life. If past experience is any indication, the flight path will be far from straight. But it is in the detours that the magic happens, I'm sure of it.