The work that I do is about acceleration.

I help leaders accelerate their impact in the world.

I help organizations accelerate the growth of their people, their culture, and their business.

I help multi-stakeholder groups accelerate their ability to take collective action on society's biggest challenges. 

I do this work with people who are passionately committed to one question: how can I contribute to the world in the most meaningful way?

Discovering the answer doesn't have to be difficult or painful. It can be filled with ease, enjoyment, and an ever-growing sense of expansion. 






  • How do we live and work in meaningful way that is a contribution to the world? Contribution mindset
  • Mindful practices — creating personal sustainability, being able to make the decision that is going to move you most powerfully forward
  • Value in Action — what do they look like and how can they best serve those around me
  • Collective Action