Hi, I’m Laura Calandrella.
I partner with clients from government, non-profits, foundations, associations, and environmentally conscious for-profits who are passionate about the well-being of this planet and the people it supports. I blend my experience as a sustainability practitioner with my deep understanding of human systems to help my clients tackle crucial environmental issues that are too complex to be shifted by any one person, organization, or sector.

I help my clients get unstuck and start solving complex problems.

I specialize in helping leaders bring new ways of thinking, seeing, and interacting to the table. My most ambitious projects have enabled new experiments, established partnerships, and created movements. And my most intimate projects have enabled change from the inside out by providing coaching and training that grows individuals and organizations capable of leading enduring change work.

The deep wisdom of your team is waiting to be activated.

I believe that we must use our whole selves —head, heart, and hands—to foster the kind of breakthrough results that our world needs. I create the right conditions for my clients to access their full range of knowledge. Together, we engage in deep exploration, honest conversation, and bold experimentation using methods that are both pragmatic and creative.

Working with Laura helped me to understand that so much of ‘actionable’ leadership is based on the knowledge of self. She helped me to build my self-awareness and understand what that means in a larger leadership context.
— Megan Saylors, US Forest Service, Wildland Firefighter


Some of the world’s foremost conservation leaders lean on my experience, expertise, and approach when it comes to moving forward on stuck, intractable problems.