There is one question at the heart of all of my work:

How do you help leaders create change within themselves, so that they can create change within the world?

The services I offer enable my clients to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities of sustainability leadership.

I work with individuals, organizations, and teams to catalyze the inner shifts and bold actions necessary to build a better future.

Simply put:

Together we can mobilize the solutions you need by raising the bar on what it means to lead change.






Activate the resources you need to meet the demands of an increasingly complex world.

You recognize that your toughest challenges can’t be addressed by a single person, a single team, or sometimes even a single organization. To get at the heart of your most important issues requires you to engage many voices and many perspectives in an open dialogue. And that dialogue will ultimately lead to shared commitments that show up as more time, more people, and even more money directed towards your cause.

I help you create the environment for these collaborative conversations to take place. You’ll build the kind of trust with your team that allows for new ideas, insight, and innovation to emerge. 

Whether you are just initiating a conversation with a few key partners, ready to host a broader meeting, or planning a longer-term initiative, I work with you to create a custom road map towards success.



Gain traction on strategic issues in partnership with others.

When it comes to our environmental challenges: we need solutions and solutions that scale quickly. But effective collaboration takes time — time to build trust, time to understand the nuances, time to develop meaningful solutions and time to implement.

While I don’t have the gift of expanding time, my work does heighten the ability of partnerships to align and prioritize around initiatives with the greatest potential to create tipping points.

I bring cutting-edge tools to build the kind of relationship intelligence that sets system change into motion. We work to balance the tension between the need for short-term results and long-term sustainability. This often means that I am a resource to your partnership over longer periods of time to help shape and sustain the conditions for success.  



Lead to inspire, build commitment, and achieve results.

We live in an interdependent world. Today’s leader is expected to solve issues that span boundaries and borders, societies and sectors. Our old ways of thinking and leading haven’t equipped us with the ability to bring about the kind of transformational change that is needed.

Einstein made the leadership challenge of our time clear, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

To evolve our thinking we must also evolve our consciousness.

I use breakthrough assessment technology to cut straight to the heart of your or your team’s leadership DNA. You’ll see clearly what’s working, what’s not, and why it’s not working. Together we customize a holistic program to create a cohesive, high-performing leadership culture. Through conscious leadership practices, you’ll elevate your vision and expand your effectiveness to respond to an ever-changing world.